Viewing Panopto Recordings

Viewing in Course/Site Content

Panopto recordings can be linked to Content within a SOLE course or site. To view a linked recording, navigate to Content within the appropriate SOLE course and locate the multiformat folder containing the recording. The folder will contain two files; the MP4 file which contains both video and audio and the MP3 file which contains just the audio of the recording.

Select the MP4 video files to view the full recording. Here, the video can be viewed directly within SOLE. The footer bar can be used to make certain selections:

  1. Click the Play and Pause buttons to start and stop the recording. Drag the indicator bar to skip to later portions of the video.
  2. The downward arrow button can be used to download the recording. This may be useful in reviewing the recording without using internet data.
  3. The rightward facing arrow will open the recording using the Panopto Platform viewer for additional viewing options. See below for more information about this feature.
  4. Click the "1x" button to adjust the playback speed.
  5. The fullscreen button opens the recording in fullscreen for viewing.

Viewing using the Panopto Platform Viewer

As noted above, the rightward facing arrow can be used to open the recording using the Panopto Platform viewer to access additional viewing options.

Platform Viewer Features

  1. The information bar, located at the top of the screen, shows the SOLE course in which the session belongs to as well as the name of the recording. The help drop-down and sign out button are also found in the information bar. The stars indicate the rating system. The video can be downloaded from here as well.
  2. The primary video and/or audio stream may be visible near the top left of the screen. If there is only the primary audio stream, the primary window doesn't appear. If a primary video is included, it is typically of the presenter or maybe video from a document camera, such as the LadiBug cameras available within certain classrooms. 
  3. The Search bar can be used to search for any keywords within the recording. The search will find keywords that are time-stamped to allow for navigation.
  4. The Left Navigation contains the Contents, Captions, Notes and Bookmarks features:
    • Contents may not be available for all recordings. However, many recordings of PowerPoint presentations will also display a table of Contents for the recording, including slide headings. This will also include timestamps for the video which can be clicked to jump to that point in the video.
    • Captions will only appear if the creator of the recording chose to caption the recording and it will include a complete transcript of the captions.
    • Notes can be taken while viewing a session. Additionally, any note taken will become searchable.
    • Bookmarks will save a particular spot in a recording to revisit at a later time. Bookmarks will also show up in search results.

Functions of the Player

The Panopto Platform view has 8 actions that allow for control in how the recording is viewed:

  1. The play/pause button will pause or play the recording.
  2. The skip back button will rewind 10 seconds and play from there for a quick review of the most recent portion of the recording.
  3. The progress bar indicates the current location being viewed within the recording. Drag the indicator to quickly move to a specific point in the recording.
  4. The volume bar controls the level of the audio that is outputted. Click on the speaker to bring up the slider.
  5. The CC button can be clicked to display closed captioning when available.
  6. The Speed button will adjust the playback speed.
  7. The Quality button, indicated by the four bars, can be used to choose the streaming quality. The download speed will also show on this bar. 
  8. When viewing a session with multiple streams, the stream picker can be used to pick which one is being viewed. For example, if the instructor recorded themselves and the main screen, the stream picker can select which video is viewed on the main viewing screen. 

Shortcut Keys

The Panopto Platform viewer also allows the use of shortcut keys for more control of the player:

  1. Spacebar: Pause/Play the session.
  2. Left/Right arrow keys: Skip 5 seconds backward or forwards.
  3. Up/Down arrow keys: Adjust volume up or down.
  4. The M key: Mutes and unmutes the recording.