Recording with the LadiBug

If you are planning to use the LadiBug during a recorded presentation, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Panopto Recorder.
  2. Open the LadiBug desktop application.
  3. Turn on the LadiBug device in the classroom.
    • You should not select the LadiBug as the primary or secondary video source because this will cause it to record as a second stream rather than in line with the main screen capture recording.
    • If you are unable to see your material from the LadiBug desktop application please click the top left icon in the LadiBug dashboard that says "show live feed".
  4. Open your PowerPoint file.
  5. On the recorder, check to Capture Main Screen AND Capture PowerPoint under Secondary Sources.
  6. Increase the frame rate (fps) by dragging the bar all the way to the right. This option is located at the bottom of the recorder under the main screen. This will ensure that high-quality video is captured.
  7. Begin the lecture and Panopto recording as normal. 
  8. Switch to the LadiBug application when necessary during your presentation and maximize the screen.
  9. Minimize the LadiBug and return the PowerPoint presentation as necessary.
  10. Stop and Upload the recording at the end of the lecture.