Copying and Moving Recordings

Moving Recordings

Videos can be moved from one course to another. You must have Administrator access to both courses in order to move videos. Moving videos mean that they are removed from the original course and are only accessible within the second course.

If you move videos that have been linked to Multiformat folders, it is strongly suggested that you either delete the Multiformat folders or place them into Draft mode because they will no longer be accessible to the student Users within the course. As a course administrator in both courses, you will be able to view the videos within both courses.

This cannot be done within the Panopto Library; moving videos must be done through the Panopto Platform:

  1. Click the right-pointing arrow to open the library in the Panopto Platform.
  2. Within the Platform, click the check boxes next to each video you would like to Move.
  3. Click the Move
  4. Use the Move session(s) to drop down menu to select the course in which to move the video(s). You may need to click into the Courses folder to locate the course.
  5. Click the green Move button to complete the move and click to exit once the move is complete.

Copying Recordings

Videos can be copied from one course to another. However, this can only be done by SOLE Support. Please contact directly to request more information about copying videos.