Recording a Session

Testing the Audio

It is important to always test the audio before beginning a recording. First, make sure that an audio source has been selected within the audio drop-down menu. A primary audio source must be selected for a successful recording. If an audio option is not selected, then your recording will not be usable within your SOLE course.

The Volume bar can then be used to test your audio. Test the microphone by talking into it at a normal volume and pace. Aim to register in the low to mid green range on the volume indicator on the recorder.  If you do not see it register, or you are hitting the yellow or red range, you may need to adjust the volume level using the corresponding slider. Please note, that adjusting the volume is not available for Mac users.

Starting, Stopping, Pausing

To begin recording, click on the red Record icon. Once your recording has started, that icon will change into Pause and Stop.

  1. Click Stop to stop the recording. You will have the option to upload the recording or delete it and start again.
  2. Click the Pause button to have a section of your recording automatically edited out. When the recording is paused, Panopto is continuing to record, but that section will be edited out of the final version. You can always get this content back by using the editor.
  3. Hotkeys: You can use Panopto for Windows hotkeys to start a recording, pause and stop, all with a few keys so you don't need to minimize the content you're recording to click the buttons.
    • Record: F8 Key
    • Pause: F9 Key
    • Stop: F10 Key

Recording Status

Once everything has been recorded and you have stopped your recording, you will be taken to the Manage Recordings page.

Offline Recordings are recordings that do not have a folder/course selected in Panopto, so they are only on the computer. You can select Upload to Server to select a folder/course and add them to your video library.

Currently, Uploading Recordings will show the video that you just completed and its status.

Uploaded Recordings/Sessions will show the recordings that have already been recorded, have a folder/course selected, and have been uploaded to the server. If you have access to the video in the library, you can open the video or settings using the view, edit, or share. You can also continue recording to the same session by selecting resume.

Mac Users may see additional information such as Recording Details and a Preview of the primary and secondary video streams.

Note: It is possible to delete recordings. If they have been uploaded already, you can delete local and the recording will still be located on the server. If you delete a recording that has not yet been uploaded, that recording will be lost.