Launching the Panopto Recorder

The Panopto Library must be enabled within a course/site before the recorder can be utilized within SOLE. Please submit the Panopto Access Form in order to enable the Panopto Library and request training.

You can begin recording a Panopto session in two ways: launching the Panopto Recorder from the desktop or launching the recorder from within a SOLE course.

Note: Panopto requires that your browser accept third-party cookies. If you receive an error message pertaining to third-party cookies, they may need to be enabled within your browser's settings. You can read more about how to do this on Panopto's Help Documentation.

Launch from a Desktop

Once the Panopto Library has been enabled within your SOLE course, you must access the library within SOLE at least once before attempting to create a recording using the recorder.

The Panopto recorder must be installed on your computer before you can record. It has already been installed on the computers within the HSC classrooms and you can also download the recorder to your personal laptop or computer if needed.

To begin recording, open the Panopto application on your computer. You must log in before you can begin your recording. There is three login options:

  1. WVU Login – login to a SOLE account using a WVU Login username and password.
  2. Don’t have a WVU Account? Log in here – login to a SOLE account with an existing external email address and password.
  3. Sign in as a Guest – log in with Guest access if you do not have an existing SOLE account. A SOLE course administrator should submit the Panopto Support Request form afterward in order to route the recording to the appropriate course within SOLE.

Launch from within SOLE

SOLE course/site administrators can access the Panopto recorder from within SOLE once the Panopto Library has been enabled for the course. Begin by entering the SOLE course and then accessing the Panopto Library located within Resources. The Create button can be used to open the Panopto recorder and then record a new session or upload media. By opening the recorder from within SOLE this means you are automatically logged into Panopto using your SOLE account.

Record a New Session

This option will allow you to open the Panopto recorder in order to record sessions for the course. You can also use this option to download and install the Panopto recorder if necessary.

Upload Media

This option will allow you to upload audio files (MP3), a single video (MP4), or multiple videos (up to 100 at once), that will create new Panopto Sessions.

Next, drag and drop the video file(s) or click inside of the box to select the file from your computer. You can drop multiple files into the video upload window at one time to create multiple sessions.

When processed, the session can be edited right away. You can close the window when it is finished uploading. Once the publishing completes, you will be notified that the sessions are ready to view