Quick Start Guide

The Panopto Recorder is downloaded to all HSC classrooms. To download the recorder to your office or home computer, please review our Downloading the Recorder help page. 

1. Launch the Panopto Recorder

There are two ways to launch the Panopto Recorder:

  1. Launch from Desktop Icon (SOLE Accounts and Guest Users)
  2. Launch from SOLE (SOLE Accounts only) – Use the Create button to “Record a new session”

Note: Panopto requires that your browser accept third-party cookies. If you receive an error message pertaining to third-party cookies, they may need to be enabled within your browser's settings. You can read more about how to do this on Panopto's Help Documentation.

If you choose to open the recorder from the desktop, you will need to log in:

  1. WVU Login – login to a SOLE account using a WVU Login username and password.
  2. Don’t have a WVU Account? Log in here – login to a SOLE account with an existing external email address and password.
  3. Sign in as a Guest – log in with Guest access if you do not have an existing SOLE account. The recording can later be claimed and uploaded to the appropriate course.

2. Select Session Settings

  • Folder – use drop down to select the appropriate course. The course is automatically selected when launching the recorder from within SOLE.
  • Name – defaults to current date/time but can be edited by clicking into the text box.
  • Join Session - to select a session (Multiformat folder with Calendar Settings) previously created within Content of the SOLE course. If Join Session is not utilized, the recording will be uploaded into the Panopto Queue and can be linked within SOLE when adding Content.

3. Review Audio Source

Always review and test the audio source before beginning a recording!

An audio source MUST be selected in order to complete a successful recording. If an audio source is not selected, then the recording will not be usable within your SOLE course/site.

The audio source is selected within the Primary Sources pane. The room’s audio source should be automatically selected upon opening the recorder. However, if it is set to None, you should use the drop down to select an audio source before recording. Again, an audio source MUST be selected in order to complete a successful recording.

Capture computer audio may also be checked in order to capture any audio played through the computer, such as videos that may be viewed during lecture.

4. Test the Microphone

The Volume bar can then be used to test your audio. Test the microphone by talking into it at a normal volume and pace. Aim to register in the low to mid green range on the volume indicator on the recorder.  If you do not see it register, or you are hitting the yellow or red range, you may need to adjust the volume level using the corresponding slider.

Note: The lavaliere used to record the audio in the classroom requires batteries. When the lavaliere is turned on a red light should flash on and then off. If the red light remains on this indicates that the battery is either dead, or nearly dead, and should be replaced. Not doing so could result in a recording that lacks audio.

5. Select Secondary Settings/Capture Settings

Capture PowerPoint and Capture Main Screen are often the most popular choices when recording a presentation. Therefore, it is most common to check the box next to both capture options.

You can open a PowerPoint presentation within the Panopto recorder and check 'Start presenting when recording starts' to easily begin a presentation and recording at the same time.

Any additional video sources, such as a classroom LadiBug, can be added by clicking the Add another Video Source and selecting from available sources.

6. Record a Session

To begin recording, click on the red Record icon. Once your recording has started, that icon will change into Pause and Stop.

Click the Pause button to have a section of your recording automatically edited out. When the recording is paused, Panopto continues to record, but that section will be edited out of the final version. You can always get this content back by using the editor.

Hotkeys: You can use Panopto for Windows hotkeys to start a recording, pause and stop, all with a few keys so you don't need to minimize the content you're recording to click the buttons.

  • Record: F8 Key
  • Pause: F9 Key
  • Stop: F10 Key