Recording Settings for Windows

Session Settings

The Folder drop-down refers to the course in which you are currently recording. Use the drop down to select the appropriate course in which to upload your recording. If you’ve opened the recorder through SOLE then it will default to the current course.

By default, the Name of the recording will be the date and time that it is begun. However, you can edit the name by clicking into the text box.

You may also use the Join Session button to select a session (Multiformat folder) previously created within Content of your SOLE course. The Multiformat folder must have been set with a date and time within Calendar Settings in order for it to be listed within the Join Session list. If Join Session is not utilized, the recording will be uploaded into the Panopto Queue and can be linked within SOLE when adding Content.

Primary Sources

  1. Video - If you'd like to record a video of a presenter, using a webcam, you can select a primary video source under the Video drop-down. You do not need to include this if you just want to record audio and/or capture the main screen or a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Audio - Use the drop-down under Audio to select a microphone that is connected to your computer. A primary audio source must be selected for a successful recording. If an audio option is not selected, then your recording will not be usable within your SOLE course.
  3. Quality - There are three different quality settings available to help you determine what will be best to record a high-quality video. Changing this setting increases or decreases the frames per second and kilobytes per second captured in your recording. Standard quality is the default setting and it is recommended to leave this setting as is unless higher quality is required.

Secondary Sources

After you have selected your video and audio inputs, you can choose to capture your main screen, PowerPoint slides, and/or a second screen.

Capture PowerPoint

Select this option if you want to capture a PowerPoint presentation. You can open a PowerPoint presentation within the Panopto recorder and check 'Start presenting when recording starts' to easily begin a presentation and recording at the same time.

Note: If your PowerPoint contains any motion on the slide, embedded video in the slide or someone is annotating over the slide, then Capture Main Screen must also be selected to be able to capture that content.

To capture PowerPoint:

  1. Select the Capture PowerPoint and Capture Main Screen check box. It is recommended to always select both.
  2. Make sure the PowerPoint tab is selected.
  3. Click to Open a Presentation, locate the file on your computer, and open it.
  4. You can select the begin the recording as soon as PowerPoint opens. This will start your recording automatically.
  5. If you select not to automatically start recording, then you’ll be able to start the recording manually with the option of selecting to allow the presentation to start upon the start of the recording.

Capture Main Screen

Select this option to capture the entire screen. You can also select the checkbox to enable the screen capture preview of your screen before recording.

Capture Second Screen

Select Capture Second Screen if you are utilizing two monitors and would like to record both. Otherwise, only the main screen will be recorded.