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Taking a Survey

Types of Surveys

  1. Site - The survey can only be taken from within the SOLE course/site it was created. This means in order to take the survey you must have a SOLE account and be enrolled in the course/site in which the survey was created.
  2. Public - The survey is available to anyone. A link will be created that can be used to access the Survey. Public surveys can be taken multiple times.
  3. Protected - This survey requires that you have a SOLE account and be logged in to take the survey. You can access the survey through a link or through the course/site itself if you are enrolled in the course/site.

Taking a Survey

  1. To access Surveys enter the course for which you want to take the survey from your SOLE homepage (for Course Surveys) or follow the link provided to you for taking the survey (for Protected and Public Surveys).
  2. Course surveys can be accessed from within Assessment of the course or may be located within course Content. 
  3. Clicking Surveys will provide a list of surveys that are accessible through the course.
  4. Once you have entered the survey, if there are directions for the survey they will be listed on this page. You will need to click the green Launch Survey button to begin the survey.
  5. There are seven types of survey questions: Text Box, Text Area, Check List, Drop Down List, Option List, Rating, and Slider.

    How you answer the survey questions will depend on the question delivery and question type. You will either choose one answer option for Option List and Drop Down List questions, choose one or multiple answer options for Check List questions, choose the appropriate Rating, use the Slider to select a numerical value, or type in a short sentence or paragraph for Text Box and Text Area questions.

  6. Required questions are clearly labeled as such below the question text.
  7. Questions will either be delivered one at a time, all at once, or grouped together by section.
    • For surveys that deliver one question at a time, click the arrow button beneath the question once you have chosen your answer to move on to the next question. If questions are grouped by section, choose all answer options then hit the arrow button to move on to the next section.
    • For surveys that deliver all questions at once you will click the Submit Survey button once you have completed answering all questions in the survey.

      The Submit Survey button will appear gray and will be unclickable until you reach the end of the survey (for survey questions that are displayed one at a time or by section) or once all required questions in a survey have been answered (for a survey that displays all questions at once).