Viewing Survey Reports

Survey Reports provides statistical data about the users who have taken the survey. It can be accessed once a survey has been released and remains available after the survey has been closed. There are two main viewing options for Survey Reports: Question Stats and Individual Responses.

In order to protect the anonymity of submissions, Survey Reports for Anonymous Surveys is only available after at least 3 submissions have been made to the survey and more than 3 users have not yet started. Once all users have submitted, the full list of students that have submitted becomes available as well.

Question Stats

To begin viewing stats, click the Survey Reports button. By default, the Question Stats page will be displayed. This page shows the results based on each question. 

Filtering Results

To filter the reports, begin by clicking the Show Filters button. You can filter by a submission date range, by question & answers, and compare by answers.  

    1. Filtering by dates allows you to view submissions submitted on a specific date or between two dates. 
    2. Filtering results by Questions and Answers allows you to use drop down menus to choose a question and then choose one or more answer submissions for that question. When you use this feature it will display all questions but will only show you answers relative to the Question and Answer chosen for the filter.
    3. Compare by answers allows you to use the drop down menu to select one question and then select two answer options within that question. All other questions are then compared based on those two answers. 

Once a filter options has been chosen, the Apply button is used to apply the filter to the survey results. Use the Clear Filters button to remove all filters and the Hide Filters button to hide all filter options. 

Charts and Tables

All questions within the survey, sorted by section, are listed on this page. Each question's statistics are displayed with a chart and a table but displaying the charts and tables for each question is optional. Use the Toggle Charts and Toggle Tables buttons to toggle the charts and tables on all questions. Use the check boxes below each question to toggle the charts and tables for questions individually. You can choose to show the chart, show the table, and/or show data on the chart if it is displayed.

If you choose to display data on the chart, you can use the chart scale drop down menu to display either the percentage or absolute value on the chart. You may also choose which type of chart (bar, column, stacked bar, stacked column, pie, line, or area) you wish to view by clicking the appropriate button.

Generating a PDF

The Generate PDF button can be used to create a PDF version of the survey reports. The PDF will display all settings defined within Question Stats. This means, that the graph and optional data you choose to be displayed will be what is displayed on the PDF as well. By default, all questions are selected to be included in the report. You can use the buttons for each section to edit which questions are included in the report:

    1. You can use the Deselect All button to deselect all questions within a section.
    2. Click the Select All button if you want all questions in a section to be included.
    3. Select/Deselect individual questions using the check boxes located at the bottom of the question.
    4. The Hide Selected button will hide all selected questions within the section from the report.
    5. Use the Show All button to view all questions in a section.

You may also choose to save the results to an Excel file.  Use the tabs to select one of the two options: an Excel File and a Numeric Excel File that displays only numeric values for each answer option. 

Individual Responses

You can chose to sort the results by Individual Survey Responses by clicking the tab at the top of the Survey Reports page.

  1. You will be able to view each response individually. The date and time of the submission is displayed as well. 
  2. Sort through the numbered responses but using the drop down menu or clicking the right & left arrows to move from one response to another.
  3. Use the Delete Response button to delete a response. Once deleted, a response cannot be recovered. 

You can also chose to view the results by All Responses which will list all responses in one list on the page.

  1. You can filter by dates to view submissions submitted on a specific date or between two dates. 
  2. You can also filter results by Questions and Answers to choose a question and then choose one or more answer submissions for that question. When you use this feature it will display only display submissions that contain the Question and Answer chosen for the filter.
  3. Use the Delete Response button to delete a response and the Delete All Responses button to delete all responses. Once deleted, a response(s) cannot be recovered. 

Gradebook Results

If you have attached the survey to the Gradebook you can review the survey’s grades from within the Gradebook itself. However, the survey must be Closed before the grades will be populated within the Gradebook. Additionally, Anonymous surveys can be graded but grades for a closed survey will not populate unless at least 3 submissions have been made. 

  1. Surveys that are attached to the Gradebook are graded based on Survey completion. Therefore, a student that completes the survey is given full credit upon their submission of the survey. This means they are given the maximum number of points available.
    • Partial credit can be given for a survey but it must be done manually using the Quick Grader within the Gradebook.
  2. Those who do not take the survey will remain unscored until grades are finalized for that assignment within the Gradebook. Finalizing the assignment within the Gradebook will score a zero for those who have not taken the survey.
  3. If a survey response is deleted and the student has no other survey submissions for the survey then the student will be scored with a zero for the survey.
  4. Once a survey is linked to the Gradebook the Maximum Points cannot be adjusted from within the Gradebook but can be adjusted from within the survey itself.
    • If maximum points are adjusted after some students have taken the survey their points will be adjusted in the Gradebook as well.  Also, those students who are still unscored will be given a zero for the survey and those who currently have a zero will retain their zero.
    • For example, if a survey is worth a maximum of 5 points but is later changed to 10 points those students who have been awarded 5 points for taking the survey will be adjusted to 10 points in the Gradebook. However, those students who have not yet submitted the survey will be given a score of zero.