Defining Advanced Survey Settings

The Advanced Settings tab contains optional settings that define delivery options and insert special messages.

  1. Delivery Method – the survey will automatically be set up to display the whole survey at once. You have the option of displaying the questions one at a time or one section at a time.
  2. Anonymous – You can choose to have submissions reported anonymously. In order to protect the anonymity of submissions you will not be able to change this setting once there are submissions for the survey. Also, survey report data and Gradebook data for anonymous surveys is only available once at least 3 submissions have been made to the survey.
  3. Messages
    • Continue URL – this will redirect the survey taker to a specified website upon completing the survey.
    • Directions – allows you to provide directions to be displayed prior to beginning the survey.
    • Completion Message – this message will display following the completion of the survey.
  4. Customization – allows you to define a customer Header and/or Footer for the survey.