Adding Survey Questions

First, it is important to note that the Surveys tool does not utilize a Question Bank but survey questions are accessible between surveys. As long as a question exists in one survey it can be reused/added to another survey. Therefore, questions can only be reused if they exist in another survey. If a survey is deleted and it contains survey questions that do not exist in any other surveys than those questions will be deleted as well.

Survey questions can be added in two ways:

  1. Add Questions (or Manage Questions once questions are added) – adds, deletes, and manages questions. With this feature questions can be created individually or questions utilized in other surveys can be added as well. 
  2. Import/Export Questions – import or export questions in plain text format within a survey. This feature can also be used to export the existing questions in a survey to a plain text document.

    You cannot import questions into a survey unless the survey is in Draft Mode. You can export questions out of a survey in any mode (Draft, Open, or Closed).

Creating New Questions

To begin creating new questions, click the Add Questions button (Manage Questions if some questions have already been added) from within the survey. Then click the Add Questions button under the appropriate section. Next, then click the Add Question Icon Add Question and select the type of question you wish to add.

  1. When adding a question, the HTML editor toolbar, located above the dialog box, containing usual word processing features and buttons can be used to edit the question text.
  2. Text Box and Text Area type questions will only require that Question Text is entered. Check List, Drop Down List, Option List, and Rating questions will require that answer options are entered in addition to Question Text. For Rating questions you'll also have the option of using the check box to add 'n/a' as an answer. Slider questions will require that a range start and range end number is entered.
  3. Use the Title, Category, & Tags tab to add these features to the question for organizational purposes.
  4. Once a question is completed use the Save button to save and exit question creation or Save and Make Another to continue creating questions.
  5. You can edit a question within a survey by clicking the pencil icon below the question. Editing a question in one survey will not edit the question in a second survey. Instead the edited question will become a new question and both will now be available to add to future surveys.  If you wish to edit a question that exists in multiple surveys you must make the edits in each survey or create a new question and add it to each survey.

Adding Existing Questions

Questions utilized in preexisting surveys can be added to another survey. To begin adding existing questions, click the Add Questions button (Manage Questions if some questions have already been added) from within the survey. Then click the Add Questions button under the appropriate section. 

  1. A list of all preexisting questions, including their question type, titles, categories and tags, will become available. You can also use the Preview Question icon to preview the entire question or the Question Usage icon to see which surveys are currently using the question.
  2. You can both Search and Filter questions. Search by typing key words of phrases into the search box above the question list. Use the Show Filters button and use the drop down menus to filter by question type, categories, and tags. You can also filter questions by clicking the question type, category, or tag icons from an individual question as well.
  3. You can also filter and search your questions across SOLE, meaning you can view questions from the course itself or from across all of your courses in SOLE, again using the drop down menu when filtering. This allows you to insert a question from one course into a survey within another course. This can only be done with courses in which you are a course administrator. Once you have used a question in two or more courses you can no longer edit that question.
  4. Use the Select check box below a question to select it. The question will then be highlighted in blue and the number of questions selected will be counted at the top of the screen. Use the Add Questions button to add all selected questions to the exam. Use the Select All button to add all questions listed on the screen to the exam without selecting them individually.

Ordering Questions

Survey questions are given in a fixed question order. They can be reordered once they are added to the survey but it must be in Draft mode to do so. To do this, enter the survey and click Manage Questions. From there click the Order Questions button.  You can then drag and drop your questions into the appropriate order. You can also use this to move questions between sections.