Creating Survey Sections

Once a survey is created, a Default Section is automatically created. You do not have to create more sections but they can be useful for organizing your questions.

  1. To begin managing and/or adding sections, enter the survey and click the Add Questions button. 
  2. To change the Default Section title click the Edit Section button and type in the new title name. You can also write in an optional description of the section within the Section Text box here as well. Click the Save button to save your changes.
  3. Use Add Section button to created additional sections. Enter the Section Title and optional text. You may also choose to hide the sections title and description from the survey by clicking the checkbox. Otherwise, users taking the survey will see this information displayed while taking the survey.

    The default section does not give you the option to hide the section text or title unless you chose to edit the title first. Once you have edited the title and saved your changes the option to hide this information becomes available upon a second edit.

  4. To delete a section click the red trashcan button next to the section title. This will delete the entire section. This option is not available unless there are at least two sections in a survey.
  5. After you have created your survey sections you can use the Add Questions button under the appropriate section to begin adding questions to the survey. 

    If you have already created surveys with questions, then adding questions here will give you the option to choose from already existing questions within those surveys. If not, then you will need to either import questions using an import text document of manually create individual questions within the survey.

  6. Use the Delete All Questions button for a section to delete all questions from that section. Delete individual questions by clicking the trashcan icon next to the question itself.
  7. You can also reorder the survey’s sections but it must be in Draft mode to do so. To do this, enter the survey and click Manage Questions. From there click the Order Sections button. You can then drag and drop your sections into the appropriate order.