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Importing/Exporting Survey Questions

  1. You have the option of importing questions from a plain text document (in Notepad for example).
    Click here to view the plain text template which can be used to create an Import Document. Be sure to adhere to the following guidelines:
    • The Type, Title, and Text fields are required for all question types. Answer(s) are required for all question types except for Text Box (TB) and Text Area (TA) questions.
    • All other fields (Category, Tags, Required) are optional. If Required is not included then questions will automatically import as not required.
    • Questions are separated by a - on a new line.
    • The TEXT field may extend to multiple lines.
  2. Plain Text Fields
    • Type: Code indicating the intended question type. Options are TB (Text Box), TA (Text Area), CL (Check List), DD (Drop Down List), OL (Option List), R (Rating), and S (Slider).
    • Title: The title of the question
    • Text: The text of the question. May include html and extend to multiple lines.
    • Category: The category of the question. Should be a single word or short phrase.
    • Tags: A comma separated list of tags for the question.
    • Required: Enter ‘True’ if the question is a required question and ‘False’ if it should not be required. Leaving this field out altogether results in a non-required question.
    • A: An answer for the question. Multiple answer options can be added for Check List, Drop Down List, Option List, and Rating Questions.
    • Custom: Used for Slider questions. Enter the start and end range numbers, separated by a comma. For example, so set a range of 0-5, enter 0,5 after the colon. 
  3. Once complete you can import the plain text by clicking into the Surveys tool then clicking Add Survey at the top of the screen. You can also click in to a survey that was created previously instead of creating a new survey. Once the survey has been created, click the Import/Export Questions button.
  4. To import questions click the Browse button and locate the text file containing the questions you wish to import. You may also utilize the Drag/Drop feature to drag and drop the file to import.
    • Once you have selected the text file click the Import File(s) button.
    • You will then see the total number of questions and the number of questions inserted at the top of the screen as well as a list of the questions that successfully imported that you can review. The questions will automatically be added to the survey. Any questions with errors will not be imported.
    • You can also click the Export button to create a plain text document of questions from a current survey as well. It will automatically download through your browser which you can then open and save to your computer.