Adding a Survey

  1. Begin by accessing Surveys from within Assessments and clicking the Add Survey Icon Add Survey icon.
  2. The General Tab will open automatically after you’ve clicked to add a survey. This is where you will define General Settings. The other tabs allow you to define optional Advanced Settings.
  3. Once you have defined all settings, finish adding the survey by clicking the green Add Survey button on the bottom right of the screen.
  4. The Survey Detail page will then be displayed. Use the Add Questions button or the Import Questions button to begin adding questions to the survey.
  5. Once you have added a survey it will show up on the main Surveys page. Surveys that are in draft mode will be grayed out, while closed surveys will be labeled as such. All other surveys are open and ready for users to take.
  6. To edit, delete, or review information such as Access Reports, Activity Log, and Content Details, use the content action icons at the top right of the screen.
    Deleting a survey here will delete the entire survey, including questions and any responses.
  7. Once questions have been added new buttons will become available for managing the survey. Some of the buttons displayed will depend on the status (Draft, Open, or Closed) of the survey.
  8. If the Survey is still in draft mode the following buttons will be available:
    • Release This Survey - if all settings are complete, and all questions have been added, then use this button to release the survey to users.
    • Manage Questions – allows you to edit survey sections and questions. You can edit which questions are in the survey and also edit the questions themselves.
    • Import/Export Questions – allows you to import questions from a text document directly into the survey or export those questions already in the survey to a text document.
    • Preview Survey – allows you to take the survey and review it before releasing it to users.
    • Print Survey - print the survey as a PDF. 
    • Copy Survey – Creates an exact copy of the survey. This is useful if you wish to re-create the survey or make changes but maintain the original survey. The survey must contain questions in order to create a copy.
  9. Once the survey has been released, Survey submissions data, such as the number of completed surveys and the option to send a reminder to those how haven't taken the survey, will be available. For anonymous surveys, this data becomes available once there have been at least three submissions in order to protect the anonymity of submissions.
    Reminders cannot be sent within Protected or Public surveys.
  10. Also, upon the release of the survey, the buttons will change according to the functions available:
    • Close Survey – closes the survey so that users can no longer take the survey but can review their submissions. Public survey links will lead to a “Closed Survey” page.
    • View Questions – lists the questions that are currently attached to the survey. You can no longer edit questions once the survey is released.
    • Survey ReportsProvides statistical data about the users who have taken the survey such as:
      • Sorting results by Survey Question Stats.
      • Sorting results by Individual Survey Responses with the option to delete individual survey responses.
      • Sorting results by All Survey Responses with options to filter by question and answer and delete individual survey responses.
      • Sorting results by a specific date range.
      • Filtering results by Question and Answer
      • Comparing answers within a single question
      • Showing/Hiding a specified combination of Question results.
      • Bar, Column, Stacked Bar, Stacked Column, Pie, Line, and Area charts with optional data table for each question in the survey.
      • The option to export all survey results to a PDF file or an Excel file.
  11. Once the survey has been closed the buttons available will change again:
    • Reopen Survey – Reopens a closed survey and allows more users to take the survey. If the survey settings allow multiple attempts users may retake the survey.
  12. Once a survey has been released or closed you can go back and change it back to draft mode and make changes. However, reverting back to draft mode will delete all existing survey submissions. You will be reminded of this upon making the change. If you want to maintain the survey results use the Copy Survey feature to re-use the same survey and generate new results.