SOLE Surveys

Surveys provides instructors with an environment for creating, delivering, and analyzing survey results from SOLE users. Surveys differ from Exams in that responses can be anonymous and likert-type questions can be created with ease. Surveys are delivered via the SOLE course or via email with the survey URL. The results can give instructors information on student attitudes, course feedback, research data, etc. Survey Reports provides statistical data about the users who have taken the survey and can be viewed based on question or individual responses.

To access Surveys begin by clicking Assessment from the left navigation then clicking Surveys.

There are three types of Surveys that can be created within the Surveys tool of your course/site:

  1. Site (Course) – The survey can only be taken from within the SOLE course/site it was created. This means in order to take the survey the user must have a SOLE account and be enrolled in the course/site in which the survey was created.
  2. Public – The survey is available to anyone. A link will be created that can be used to access the Survey. Public surveys can be taken multiple times and this is a setting that cannot be changed.
  3. Protected – This survey requires that the user have a SOLE account and be logged in to take the survey. The user does not need to be enrolled in the course because a link can be used to access the survey.