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The Control Panel's Configuration tab is used to manage the settings for the course. SOLE requires a Primary Contact Email Address, Organizational Unit, and course Starting and Ending Dates.

Site Type

This will either be listed as a Course or as a Site. Courses and Sites are structured in very much the same way; the main difference is that Courses allow a unique external system ID to be entered. 

Unique External System ID (Courses only)

Course rosters can be built by entering a unique external system ID (such as a STAR CRN) to import enrollment data. Use the text bar to enter, or search and select, the unique ID for the course. Search by Subject, Course Number, Title, Faculty Name, and Faculty Email. Adding the unique ID will automatically fill in the Course title, number, section, organizational unit, term, and the beginning and end dates. These fields can be edited if needed.

Not all SOLE installations will include this feature.

Automatically Add Users (Courses only)

Checking to "Automatically add users" will add any additional students that enroll in the course after the initial group of students has been added through STAR Banner. This will automatically add any new users enrolled via STAR once a day but it will not remove users from the course. Students that drop the course will need to be manually removed by a course administrator.

Not all SOLE installations will include this feature.

Course/Site Title

The title is required. This is the title that will display on the SOLE Portal Homepage and at the top left of each course/site. 

Course Number (Courses only)

Course numbers are listed along with the course title. 

Section (Courses only)

This displays the course section of the course. 

Primary Contact Email

Primary Contact Email is a required field and can be chosen from the list of Administrators within the course/site.

Term (Courses only)

Displays the term code for the course. The term refers to the semester and year of the course. Choosing a term will automatically select the course/site beginning and end dates.

Beginning & Ending Dates

Displays the beginning and end dates for the course/site. It is required to select an ending date for a course but this does not affect the availability of the course/site. It is used by SOLE to provide a message that reminds faculty to archive the course, reset components and remove old students. It may also be used for archive purposes by a school that participates in course rollovers for accreditation.

Shared Content Site ID

The instructor may choose to share content files across multiple course shells by sharing files stored in the File Manager from one course to another. This does not include Exam Question Banks, Assignments, Media files or Surveys.

To arrange for shared course content, please contact SOLE Support.

Predefined Content Cat.

Enter predefined Categories for the content in a course/site (Comma separated list - ex: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3).

Predefined Content Tags

Wnter predefined Tags for the content in a course/site (Comma separated list - ex: Tag 1, Tag 2, Tag 3).