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Control Panel

The Control Panel is available to Course Administrators or to a Custom Role that has been granted permission to access the Control Panel.

To access the Control Panel for a course:

  1. Click your SOLE profile photo in the top right of the screen and select Control Panel.
  2. It can also be accessed by clicking the settings icon control panel icon on the bottom of the left navigation.

The following tabs found in the Control Panel allow you to make custom changes to your course:

  1. Users – View, add, remove, and block users and/or groups for the course.
  2. Custom Roles – View, add, remove, and grant additional course management permissions to users.
  3. Tools – Enable or Disable SOLE tools.
  4. Configuration – Change or specify settings for your course/site such as Title, STAR/Banner integration for courses, and beginning and end dates.
  5. Setup – Customize the course homepage using the SOLE Today or Announcements only templates or a customized homepage.
  6. Objectives – Define Course Level Learning Objectives that can later be connected to Content Level Objectives attached to content within the course. 
  7. Archive – Save and/or clear student-specific information and content from one term to the next and backup and restore all or parts of your course/site.
  8. Activity Log – View activity for the course/site such as when users were added/removed or when tools were enabled/disabled.