Managing Tools

Enable/Disable Tools:

Tools can be enabled and disabled from the Tools tab by checking or un-checking the check boxes next to each Tool. The "Enable All Tools" button can be used to enable all tools within the course.

The "View from content only" check boxes can be used to post content from certain tools to Course Content but not within the Tool itself. For example, to create an Exam and post it within Content but ensure that is it not available through Assessment on the left navigation. 

Standard Tools

  • Basic LTI - Allows creating links to other tools via basic LTI (uncommon).
  • Course Content - Displays folders and other content files.
  • Links - Additional links to resources.

Information Tools

  • Announcements - Time-sensitive notifications.
  • Calendar - Course/Site-related events.
  • Certificate - Used to issue a certificate after a defined goal or set of goals has been achieved.
  • Faculty - Describes the professional and personal interests of the instructor(s).
  • Roster - List and photos of course/site participants.
  • Schedule - Course/Site Schedule.
  • Small Groups - Instructor-assigned groups.
  • Syllabus - Course/Site outline or summary of topics.
  • Textbooks - Required and optional textbooks.

Communication Tools

  • Chat - Real-time communication (synchronous).
  • Collaborate Ultra - Delivers an open, education-focused online collaboration platform.
  • Discussions - Discussion board (asynchronous).
  • Forms - Simple forms creation.
  • Journal - Private communication between student and instructor.
  • Mailing List - Send email to site participants. This tool is only available to site administrators.
  • Media - Downloadable audio and video recordings.
  • Signup List - Flexible event or topic registration.

Assessment Tools

  • Assignments - Submit assignments for review or grading.
  • Exams - Online exams and self study tests.
  • Gradebook - Student grades and scores.
  • Live Polling (beta) - Live in-classroom polling with real-time results. 
  • ProctorU - A simple instructor dashboard integration of ProctorU, a remote proctoring platform.
  • Surveys - Tool to evaluate or collect data.
  • TurnItIn - Assignment submission for plagiarism detection.