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Homepage Setup

The Control Panel's Setup tab is used to specify the display of the course's homepage. There are three options for Homepage Preference: SOLE Today, Announcements Only, and Custom Homepage.

SOLE Today

The SOLE Today homepage is designed as a snapshot of a course; it is used to display a quick and easy view of anything that might have happened since the last time a user has logged in to the course. Students can view the course Checklist (if this feature is being utilized), Recent Announcements posted to the course, What's Due (content with upcoming due dates), What's New in content and a Course Calendar. If the Discussions tool is enabled then Active Discussions will also display on the homepage.

Course administrators may also choose to add a homepage Header and/or Footer to this page in order to add customization. 

If there are a lot of new items in the SOLE Today or Announcements sections a "view more" link will appear.

  1. Checklist - Provides a checklist of requirements for the course.
  2. Course Calendar - The course calendar displays all content giving a calendar date and time. This content includes Course Content, Assignments, Exams, etc.
  3. Recent Announcements - Lists the five most recent announcements posted within the last 30 days.
  4. What's Due - Lists content with upcoming due dates occurring within the next 7 days.
  5. What's New - Displays any new course content, assignments, or exams recently posted to the course with links for easy access. What's New displays all content from the current day and any content posted since a users's last visit to the course as long as it is within the last 14 days. Content with a Calendar Date within the last 14 days will appear here as well. 
  6. Active Discussions - Lists all discussions that have been posted to within the last 24 hours or since a users's last log in to the course.
  7. Tags - Tags can be added to content within a course and allow students to quickly access content with a particular tag. Tags utilized in the course will be listed under the Tag "Cloud" and are displayed as hyperlinks that link directly to all content using that particular Tag.

Additionally, course administrators will see "Ungraded Submissions" listed for assignments within the course on the homepage as well.

Announcements Only

The Announcements Only option can be used to display only the Announcements posted to the course. This option excludes the Checklist, Content Calendar, What's New, and Discussion sections that can be found in the SOLE Today option.

Custom Page

The Custom Page option allows the instructor to upload a unique page of their own creation as the course homepage. This option excludes the Checklist, Content Calendar, What's New, and Discussion sections that can be found in the SOLE Today option.

Custom Headers & Footers

When using the SOLE Today or Announcements Only homepages, options Homepage Header (top of page) and/or Homepage Footer (bottom of page) may be added:

Enter content via the Custom Homepage Header and/or Custom Homepage Footer text areas and use the provided HTML editor to enhance the content.

Click Save to commit the Homepage Preference selection and any additions or changes that have made to the Homepage Header and Footer.