Adding a Poll

  1. Begin by accessing Live Polling from within Assessment and clicking the Add Poll icon.
  2. The General Tab will open automatically after you’ve clicked to add a poll. This is where you will define Basic Poll Settings. The other tabs allow you to define optional settings and Advanced Settings for the poll.
  3. Once you have defined all settings, finish adding the poll by clicking the green Add Poll button on the bottom right of the screen.
  4. To edit, delete, or review information such as Access Reports, Activity Log, and Content Details, use the content action icons at the top right of the screen.
    Deleting a poll here will delete the entire poll, including questions and any responses.
  5. Once the poll has been created, the Add Questions button can be used to create new questions for the poll. There are two questions types: Multiple Choice and True/False
  6. Once questions have been added new buttons will become available for managing the poll.
  7. Some of the buttons displayed will depend on the status (Draft, Open, or Closed) of the poll.
  8. If the poll is still in draft mode the following buttons will be available:
    • Release Poll - if all settings are complete, and all questions have been added, then use this button to release the poll to begin asking questions.
    • Manage Questions – used to create new and edit existing questions.
    • Copy Poll – Creates an exact copy of the poll. This is useful if you wish to re-create the poll or make changes but maintain the original poll. The poll must contain questions in order to create a copy.
  9. Upon the release of the poll, the buttons will change according to the functions available:
    • Ask Questions – used to begin asking questions, one at a time. The total number of questions and the number of asked, unasked, and ended questions are also listed on this page.
    • Close Poll – closes poll so that questions can no longer be asked.
    • View Questions – once released, questions cannot be managed, but they can be viewed. The ‘Share Question Link’ can also be accessed when viewing as well.
    • Poll Reports - provides information regarding the number of questions within a poll, points available within a poll, and statistical data about a poll’s questions and student participation for a poll.