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Defining Poll Settings

Settings are defined when creating or editing a poll.


Includes basic settings, poll details, tags, location information, and calendar settings.

  1. Basic Settings includes the Title (required), an optional Time Limit for questions in the poll, and the ability to Limit Access to the poll so that it is only accessible on the internal campus network.

    Limiting access requires students to be on the HSC campus in order to answer poll questions. Once a poll is released, limited access cannot be changed.

  2. Poll Details includes an optional DescriptionContributor (administrator creating the content) and one Category (which may be predefined in the Control Panel). 
  3. Tags allows you to add one or more tags (which may be predefined in the Control Panel). 
  4. Location Information refers to where the poll may be delivered.
  5. Calendar Settings allows you to specify the date/time that the poll will be displayed on the Content Calendar and the What’s New list. Duration sets how long the event lasts so that students know what time and how long the poll may be available.

    This does not affect the actual availability of the poll. Availability settings must be set from the Availability tab.


Specify the publish options for the poll:

  1. Draft – The poll is in design phase and unavailable for users to view. Once created, the poll is left in draft mode until questions have been added.
  2. Released – The poll is available to students, subject to set availability restrictions. However, they will not be able to answer questions until questions have been asked.
  3. Closed – Users can no longer view or answer questions for the poll. The poll will remain visible to users and is shown as red, but they will not be able to enter it.

Optional time restrictions set by defining a release date and/or expiration date:

  • Selecting a release date sets the date/time that the poll becomes available to begin asking questions.
  • The expiration date sets a date/time in which the poll will no longer be available or visible to students. Questions cannot be asked within an expired poll.

Access Controls

Access Control can be used to set restrictions based on the course user list and/or preset roles. Please view the Access Control help pages for more detailed information.


Polls must be linked to a gradebook assignment in order for the poll grades to be imported into the Gradebook. Linking to the Gradebook is also required in order to assign points to questions within a poll.

  1. Click the ‘Link to gradebook’ check box to link the poll to the Gradebook.
  2. Use the drop down to either create a new gradebook assignment or to attach the poll to an existing gradebook assignment.
  3. Creating a new gradebook assignment requires the following:
    • Gradebook Group – If the Gradebook is Grouped then the drop down menu must be used to choose which group the poll will appear in within the Gradebook. If the Gradebook is not grouped then this will not be an option.
    • Award partial credit for incorrect answer? If students should receive credit for answering polling questions, regardless if they were correct or incorrect, the drop down menu can be used to award 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the points, even if they were incorrect. Select 100% in order to award full points for participation. Leave it at the default, 0%, if they should only receive points for correct answers.
    • Is Used in Calculations – Uncheck this box to exclude the poll grade from the final grade calculations.
    • Is Extra Credit – Poll grades can be added to the Gradebook as Extra Credit instead of a regular graded assignment by clicking this checkbox. The ‘Is Used in Calculations’ box must be checked in order to include the poll as extra credit.
  4. The poll may also be linked to the Gradebook by selecting an already existing assignment from the Gradebook. The assignment must have been created from within the Gradebook beforehand. Choose “Attach to existing gradebook assignment” from the drop down menu and then use the Gradebook Assignment drop down menu to select the appropriate assignment.
  5. A poll can also be detached from the Gradebook on the Gradebook tab. Click on “Detach from Gradebook” and then click the check box and Submit to do this. This option is only available for polls linked to the Gradebook.

    If you detach a poll from the Gradebook the assignment and grades will still remain in the Gradebook but will not be linked. You will need to delete the assignment from the Gradebook itself to fully remove it. See the Gradebook Help pages to learn more about this.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings tab can be used to define Student Reporting Levels. This is the information the user will be allowed to view, via the View Results button, immediately after answering polling questions or when reviewing closed polls. This excludes expired polls.

Keep in mind that the more you choose the more the users are able to see. Choosing all reporting levels allows users the ability to see polling questions in their entirety.

The following reporting criteria options are available:

  1. Show Overall Score
  2. Question
  3. Question Point Value
  4. Answers
  5. Question stats