Adding and Managing Poll Questions

Polling questions can only be created and edited within a poll that is in draft mode; once a poll is released the questions cannot be edited.

For a new poll, use the Add Questions button to create new questions for a poll. Once questions are added, use the Manage Questions button to add new questions or edit existing questions.

Clicking Manage Questions will display all questions within a poll. Questions are labeled as either Multiple Choice of True/False and those that have no designated correct answer are labeled as such.

On this page, questions can be edited and deleted using the pencil and trashcan icons respectively. There is also the option to Delete all Questions at the top of the page. Live Polling does not have a question bank, so once questions, or all questions, are deleted they cannot be re-added. Therefore, delete questions with caution.

From Manage Questions a Share Question Link is available for each question. Clicking the clipboard icon will copy the link. This hyperlink can be pasted to lecture content (i.e. PowerPoint slides used during a live lectures) so that the poll is easily accessible during live lecturing. Clicking this hyperlink from your presentation will automatically open the poll in SOLE and ask the question for students to begin answering. If you are not already logged in to SOLE you will be prompted to do so. Please review the Asking Pole Questions page for more details on asking questions.

Computers located in The Health Sciences classrooms, have Internet Explorer (IE) as the default browser. When releasing a question from a PowerPoint presentation, if you are signed into SOLE through Chrome or another browser, a link will appear that will prompt you to sign into SOLE through Internet Explorer. To avoid this issue, use IE when releasing a poll from hyperlink pasted within lecture content.