Polling Questions

Once the poll has been created, the Add Questions button can be used to create questions for the poll. Poll questions may be Multiple Choice or True/False. Question Text, Answer Options, and Points and Scoring settings will be defined when creating questions.

Question Text

The HTML editor toolbar, located above the dialog box, containing usual word processing features and buttons can be used to edit the question text.

Please note, when copying a question from a Word document it is best to use the 'Paste from Word' button on the tool bar. This will make sure that any formatting is removed and will ensure proper question display.

Answer Options

When adding Multiple Choice questions, by default, four answer options can be entered. More answer options can be added by clicking Add Another Answer. For True/False questions, by default there are only two answer options, True and False, but custom text can also be entered to edit the two answer choices.

By default, all questions are set to be Incorrect. However, the red Incorrect icon next to an answer can be clicked to denote it as Correct, turning the icon green. All incorrect answers will remain red. Only one correct answer can be selected for a question.

Additionally, answers are set to display in the order they are listed by default. The Show Answer Formatting icon can be used to edit this and display question answer options in a random order.

Points and Scoring

Points are required for a graded poll, regardless of whether or not questions are marked as correct or incorrect. By default, questions are given 1 point, but this can be modified while creating the question or when editing a question.

A poll can then be linked to the Gradebook and points for all questions apply a total number of points for the poll. This allows for grades to be given for correct/incorrect answers or for participation. View the Grading Live Polling page for more details about grading polls.