Asking Poll Questions

Once the poll has been released, the Ask Questions button can be clicked to begin live polling. This will display all questions in the poll as well as list the total number of questions, the number of asked questions, and the number of ended questions (previously asked).

Clicking the Ask Question icon below a question makes it available to students. Student users for the course must be logged in to SOLE to begin answering. If they are in the course and viewing the poll, they can answer directly from that page. Students who are logged into SOLE, but are not viewing the poll, will be alerted via pop-up on the bottom right of their screen that the question has been asked. They can easily click the pop-up to go to the poll and answer the question.

When asking the question, answer options are listed on the page and will update automatically to display incoming students answers. Click the End Question icon to stop asking the question. If a timer has been set for the question, it will count down below the answer options and will end the question automatically once the time limit has passed.

After a question has been asked, the options to Ask Again, Reset Question, and View Results will be available.

  1. Ask Again allows those that have not yet answered a question to do so by asking the question again. This does not affect the current student responses.
  2. Reset Question deletes all current student responses for the question.
  3. View Results opens the answer options and selections made by students for review.

Clicking to Return to the Poll, returns to the Poll Details page which lists information regarding the questions within the poll:

  1. Already Asked - the total number of asked questions.
  2. Fully Answered - the number of questions which were answered by all students in this course.
  3. Active Students - the number of students who have answered at least one of the questions.
  4. Completion Percentage - percentage of students who have answered questions.

Details regarding the publish status, question number, availability, gradebook assignment, time limit, access restrictions, and student reporting levels selected for the poll will also be listed on this page.