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SOLE Spotlight | Connecting with Students | April 2021

Published Thursday, April 1, 2021

SOLE Spotlight: Connecting with Students

As faculty and staff make transitions to different modalities and tailor future course delivery formats, there is a significant need to be more available to students. Instructors can foster and maintain a strong presence using a variety of Communication Tools to connect with students and build an energized and thoughtful community of learning regardless of the course delivery designation.

Office hours are a good way to allow students to connect with you and their classmates. You can easily create and now copy Signup lists to aid in office hour appointment scheduling. Videoconferencing platforms, such as Zoom or Collaborate Ultra, allow students to communicate by phone, webcam, or in the chat room. These platforms also provide an option to record the session for students who are not able to attend.

To accommodate the schedules of as many students as possible, try offering virtual office hours multiple times per week. The Chat tool is useful for hosting real-time office hours and it stores the chat so that students can review the conversation asynchronously after it has ended. Consider keeping the office hours listed in your syllabus then make an Announcement to distribute the information.

Faculty are encouraged to frequently take the pulse of their students through Surveys or Discussions which can both be set as "anonymous" in SOLE.

A non-graded Discussion can be added to any content in SOLE. Once added, it places a "View Discussion" button beneath the viewable content item. This is a great resource and open place to allow instructors and students to have a question-and-answer forum directly related to a content object. Discussions should always be monitored to ensure correct information is being shared in a timely manner and to address any unanswered questions.

For more information, visit HSC Contingency Planning and Preparedness to make sure you are ready for any ongoing changes due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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