Faculty and Staff, make sure you are ready for any changes due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

HSC Contingency Planning and Preparedness

There are many reasons you may want to move your class online temporarily, including weather, illness, or family emergencies. Fortunately, there are tools available at WVU to help keep your class progressing during unexpected closures or absences.

During any crisis or closure impacting the University as a whole, it is important that you watch for guidance from the WVU Office of the Provost and also from your college. Additionally, sign up for WVU Alert to receive urgent WVU updates.

WVU Health Sciences Courses and Sites in SOLE

Most courses at Health Sciences have a secure online course in SOLE. SOLE is the HSC portal for online education and information. A course can be requested at any time by visiting the SOLE Site Request form.

Learn more about SOLE by visiting SOLE Support or submitting a ticket.

Remote Lecture and Video Capture at HSC

SOLE provides two ways to use video to connect and share content with your students and users: Collaborate Ultra and Panopto. HSC's MDTV also provides the use of Zoom and webcasting for live, remote sessions.


  • You may want to invest in a headset microphone and a webcam before using these services to record and/or deliver content remotely or synchronously.
  • The HSC MDTV Podcast suite located in room G290 HSS has all of the necessary software and equipment for a quality recording with reduced interruption. MDTV also has a full production studio that offers professional video shoots and green screen options.

Remember! If a synchronous remote lecture or lecture video cannot be made, lecture materials such as PowerPoint presentations, Word and PDF documents, links, and other course materials can always be posted to Content within the course for students to review. 

Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a real-time video conferencing tool available in SOLE that can be used for virtual classrooms, office hours and meetings to provide more possibilities for effective learning experiences and interactions. Collaborate with the Ultra experience opens right in your browser, so you don't have to install any software to join a session. Be sure that you are using Google Chrome, or Firefox for the best experience.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will replace Blackboard Collaborate Classic for the start of the spring 2020 semester.

Visit SOLE Support and learn more about Collaborate Ultra or submit a ticket.

Collaborate Ultra


Panopto is the widely used HSC integrated, tool for lecture capture, which is available through SOLE. Install and utilize the Panopto recorder from within SOLE or the desktop and select any combination of slideshows, screen shares, and additional camera feeds you like. Visit SOLE Support for additional information on utilizing Panopto.


Request Panopto Access

Zoom and Webcasting

Through HSC's MDTV services, Zoom can be used for live, recordable, remote sessions or webinars. MDTV can also provide webcasting for viewing anywhere. Learn more about zoom, webcasting and HSC's MDTV services or submit a ticket.

HSC ITS Zoom Tutorial

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Student and User Communication in SOLE

You can use Mailing List, Announcements and Discussion Boards inside your SOLE course to communicate with your students and users. Visit SOLE Support for additional information on Communication Tools or submit a ticket.

Exam and Quiz Delivery in SOLE

You can deliver exams and quizzes through SOLE. Additionally, SOLE integrates with the remote proctoring service ProctorU.

Visit SOLE Support for additional information on SOLE Exams or submit a ticket.

Planning and Preparedness Support


Contact SOLE Support:
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304-293-2491, Option 1
HSC Room 2306

Is Your Course in eCampus?

If you are at WVU Health Sciences Center and are not using SOLE, visit the WVU Teaching and Learning Commons' Contingency Planning and Preparedness information.