Sample Remote Monitor Solution

Created by the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy

In order to participate in proctored exams, you will need to do the following:

  1. Download Zoom to your computer.  Go to and download "Zoom Client for Meetings."  To verify that it is downloaded, go to "Finder" tab in the lower left of your taskbar, and select "Applications" and look for the application.  If you see it there, it is correctly downloaded.  If you do not see it, try to download it again or call the HelpDesk at 304-293-3631, Option 1. 

    This MUST be done prior to the first exam.  We will be practicing Zoom before your first exam and so you need to download it before your practice test.

  2. When you are ready to take a quiz or test, follow the instructions to log in to the Zoom session.  These instructions will be provided via SOLE or your email prior to the assessment.  You must download Zoom before the session as instructed above.

SOP Zoom

  • Enter your First and Last Name as your “name” for the Zoom session.
  • Please note that if you connect to Zoom session late, you may be required to wait in the Zoom “waiting room” while the proctor begins the exam for the rest of the student group.  If you are admitted after testing begins, all communication must be conducted over private chat to ensure no disruptions for other students.
  • Make sure that you are in an appropriate place to take your test (ie, at a cleared desk or dining room table) and that you are alone. The only items allowed on the desk will be your student ID and scratch paper/pen (if applicable). 
  • Make sure you are in a well-lit room so that the proctor can see you.
  • You will then be instructed to do a 360 degree scan of the room, and of yourself (so dress accordingly).  You will also need to show your student ID as the proctors may not know individual students by sight.
  • Once the scans are conducted on all students in the Zoom Room, you will be given the password and be allowed to start the exam.
  • The Zoom session will be proctored live and the session will also be recorded.
  • The chat feature in Zoom will be disabled during testing as it is not compatible with the LockDown Browser.  If you have questions during the exam, please use the notes feature in SOLE.
  • Contact the HelpDesk at 304-293-3631, Option 1, in the event you are not able to connect to Zoom so we can troubleshoot.  Email your course coordinator as well.
  1. Once you have finished taking the exam and leave the LockDown browser.
  • Go back to Zoom and send a private message to the proctor. The proctor will respond once they have confirmed that your SOLE exam has been submitted.
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