Faculty Setup

HSC ITS can help faculty/proctors with how to setup secure, remote monitoring of exams for proctors.

Visit the quick startup steps.

Exam and Zoom Room Setup

  1. Create your exam using the LockDown browser, time limit and password.
  2. Have each Proctor schedule their Zoom exam time and invite the students using the Zoom Meeting ID. Please note: Zoom will require that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled. 

    • Students should be instructed to use the Zoom App with the Meeting ID for all proctored exams.
    • Proctors should only send the Meeting ID to students. The Meeting ID will be in the format: Meeting ID: 123 456 789
    • Proctors should not provide the students with a web URL for connecting to online proctored exams. Only send the Meeting ID as noted above.

  3. Each proctor should have a roster of participants handy to check off during authentication to ensure each student has been authenticated.
  4. Use the grid view.
  5. Go through your preferred authentication process with students.
  6. When authenticating you can move to Speaker View (upper right corner toggles from Gallery View and Speaker View).
  7. Once authentication is complete provide any technical issue instructions to students, contact information, etc.
  8. Release the password through chat.
  9. Switch back to Gallery view and begin monitoring.

Reopening an Exam

If a student’s Zoom connection is lost (student not visible in the Zoom room at exam entry or anytime during the exam), the proctor can communicate with a course administrator and "Trigger Finish" their exam.

Trigger Finish: This setting can be found by clicking on the Exam > Exam Reports > In Progress tab. Select the option to "Trigger Finish" the exam next to the student's in progress submission.

Once the student reconnects the proctor can communicate with the course administrator to reopen the exam. Reopen a closed exam by first using the Override setting (if timed) to adjust the time remaining in the student’s exam and then next clicking “Reopen Attempt” on the student's submission.

Override Setting: This setting can be found on the Exam > Edit > Availability tab and can be adjusted per student.

Reopen Attempt: This setting can be found on the Exam > Exam Reports > Graded/ Ungraded tab.

Once complete, this will allow the student into their previous exam attempt with the appropriate amount of remaining time assigned. If the exam is NOT timed, it only needs to be reopened. 


  • Schedule extra time in zoom prior to the start of the exam for authentication procedure.
  • Limit to less than 25 students including proctor to reduce having a multiple screens in Zoom.
  • Late entry decisions.
  • A large monitor might be more usable.
  • Consider a practice session.
  • Use the Participant Panel to mute all or unmute.
  • Have them show university ID. Driver's License is not permitted.
  • Suggest the use of the raise your hand feature or Zoom Reactions so students can notify you when they have finished their exam. Confirm the submission and private chat to the student that they may exit the Zoom meeting room.
  • Have them scan the room, desktop, desk area, and under the desk area.
  • They should not be in an open, highly traffic area.
  • Enable the the "Allow shared notes" advanced setting in your exam. This will allow students to submit exam question related inquires with their exam submission.