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SOLE Spotlight | Panopto with Zoom | July 2020

Published Thursday, July 9, 2020

SOLE Spotlight: Panopto with Zoom

Should you need to conduct an onsite lecture or presentation, classrooms will be limited to 50% capacity. You can synchronously conduct the session for the remaining 50% of offsite attendees by utilizing a combination of Panopto and Zoom. Please visit the HSC Contingency Planning and Preparedness page to view specific HSC classroom instructions for using Panopto with Zoom.

Features of Recording Synchronous Zoom Classroom Sessions with Panopto

- Similar to normal classroom lecture capture procedure by launching and recording with Panopto. There are added steps of scheduling a Zoom meeting to share with remote students and opening Zoom for screen sharing after Panopto has started recording.

- Easy upload of the Panopto recorded Zoom session directly to course content per the normal lecture capture/SOLE procedure.

- Ability to share video in Zoom from multiple HSC classroom cameras.

- Ability to have remote students ask questions from Zoom through the HSC classroom audio system to the onsite presenter.

- Additional Zoom features such as chat and raise your hand to further assist in moderating between onsite and remote students while asking questions related to content in real-time.


For further guidance please visit the HSC ITS Preparedness site on how to use Panopto with Zoom.

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