SOLE Spotlight | Course Calendar | March 2018

Published Monday, March 26, 2018

In a recent survey, students suggested they would prefer more design consistency between their courses. The utilization of the Course Calendar is one way to promote this consistency by allowing students to keep track of their course schedules in one convenient location.

Adding Calendar Settings

Instructors can apply Calendar Settings to course content items (lecture files, exams, assignments, etc.) in order for them to appear on the Course Calendar. Calendar Settings can be set from within the General tab when adding or editing a content.

Please keep in mind, this is different from Availability, which determines when content is available to the students. Instead, the use of Calendar Settings is for organization or design purposes. It can also be used in conjunction with autolinking recorded lectures.

Viewing the Course Calendar

Users can view events from all or their courses on the SOLE Portal Homepage. This in helpful in that it provides a way to review content events across courses. Users may also view an individual Course Calendar from within a course.


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