Zoom Etiquette / Best Practices

Tips for Meeting Attendees

  • Mute your microphone  - To help keep background noise to a minimum, make sure you mute your microphone when you are not speaking.
  • Be mindful of background noise. When your microphone is not muted, avoid activities that could create additional noise.
  • Position your camera properly.
  • Limit distractions.
  • Avoid multi-tasking.
  • Prepare materials in advance. If you will be sharing content during the meeting, make sure you have the files and/or links ready before the meeting begins.
  • Dress appropriately as if you were coming on-campus. You will be recorded during some Zoom sessions.
  • Be in a private, well-lit room and check lighting with your camera. Room lighting must be day-light quality and overhead lighting is preferred. If overhead lighting is not possible, please make sure your light source is not directly behind you because it will make it difficult for other Zoom attendees to see you. 

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Managing Participants

  • Mute participants - You can mute/unmute individual participants or all participants at once. This allows you to block unwanted, distracting, or inappropriate noise. To mute everyone, click Manage Participants and select Mute All. You can also enable Mute Upon Entry in your settings to keep noise at a minimum during large classes or meetings.
  • Allow only signed-in users to join
  • Lock the meeting
  • Set a meeting password - This option requires attendees to enter a password that you provide before they can join the meeting.
  • Remove unwanted or disruptive participants - Navigate to the Participants menu, mouse over a participant’s name, and click Remove. They will not be able to rejoin unless you allow them.
  • Disable video - As a meeting host, you can turn off someone’s video.
  • Turn off annotation - You and your attendees can annotate togetherduring screen share. You can disable the annotation feature in your Zoom settings to prevent people from annotating.
  • Disable private chat - Zoom has in-meeting chat for everyone, or participants can message each other privately. You can restrict participants’ ability to chat among one another while your event is in progress.
  • Review Zoom's best practices for securing meetings - Zoom has compiled a list of pre-meeting and in-meeting settings you can use to protect your meetings.

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