Remote Lecture Options

Remote Lecture and Video Capture at HSC

SOLE provides three ways to use video to connect and share content with your students and users: Collaborate Ultra and Panopto. HSC's MDTV also provides the use of a HIPAA compliant Zoom accounts. Zoom and Collaborate can be used for synchronous sessions. Panopto can be used to record asynchronous sessions from the classroom or remotely. Panopto can also be used in combination with Zoom for a fully remote or partial classroom synchronous session.


  • You may want to invest in a headset microphone and a webcam before using these services to record and/or deliver content remotely or synchronously.
  • The HSC MDTV Podcast suite located in room G290 HSS has all of the necessary software and equipment for a quality recording with reduced interruption. MDTV also has a full production studio that offers professional video shoots and green screen options.

Remember! If a synchronous remote lecture or lecture video cannot be made, lecture materials such as PowerPoint presentations, Word and PDF documents, links, and other course materials can always be posted to Content within the course for students to review