SOLE Faculty, Schedule, & Syllabus

Faculty is a place for the Course Administrator to post Faculty information, bios, etc.

To access the Faculty page, begin by clicking Information from the Left Navigation then clicking Faculty.

Editing Faculty

  1. Click the Edit icon on the top right of the Main Content Area.
  2. Enter your faculty details into the Description text box. Use the text editor to enhance your content.
  3. Select Update Faculty.

Uploading A Custom Faculty Page

You can also upload your custom Faculty page using a Word Document or PDF. Once you have completed your Faculty document, upload the file to your File Manager of the course.

  1. Create your custom file (Word Doc or PDF) and upload the file to the File Manager.
  2. Within Information click Faculty from the Left Navigation or the Main Content Area.
  3. Click the Edit icon found on the top right of the Main Content Area.
  4. Click the Browse button and select your file from within the File Manager.
  5. Click Update Faculty. SOLE will automatically pull and display your custom uploaded file on the Faculty page.
  6. Any text entered into the Description text area while editing will be displayed above the file as well.

If you need to edit the faculty page once you have already uploaded and linked your file, then you will need to edit the file itself and upload and link the newer version.