SOLE’s Certificate Tool can be used to issue a certificate after a defined goal or set of goals has been achieved.

To access the Certificate tool, begin by clicking Information from the Left Navigation then clicking Certificate.

Parts of a Certificate


Located at the top of the Certificate, the heading is the main headline that usually reflects the type of document. It may be as simple as the word “Award” or “Certificate of Achievement.” Longer titles might incorporate the name of the organization giving the award.


This short line of text displays below the heading and describes the action of delivering the Certificate. It may say “Present to,” “is awarded to”, “is hereby presented to” or some other variation, followed by the recipient’s name.


The recipient’s name will display below the Certificate action. The name is automatically generated from the name associated with the user’s SOLE account. This way, SOLE customizes the Certificate according to the user generating the Certificate.


The reason for the Certificate is explained here. This could be a simple statement (such as completing a training course) or a lengthier paragraph outlining specific characteristics or achievements of the Certificate recipient. The best Certificates are personalized to reflect exactly why the recipient is receiving the recognition.


The date (Day, Month, Date, Year) will display at the bottom of the Certificate. This will be automatically entered based on the date that the Certificate is generated.

Claiming a Certificate

Once the dependent action for a Certificate has been completed the Certificate can be claimed. The Certificate will be available within the Certificate tool under Information. It may also be accessed within Content if the course administrator chooses.