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Organizing Files

Editing or re-organizing files and folders that have already been linked to Content within the course may result in broken links and errors within Content. Please be sure to edit the File Manager with caution.

  1. Begin by accessing the File Manager for the course/site.
  2. Click the check box next to the file or folder you wish to edit.
  3. The Rename, Delete, Copy, Move, Download, and Zip buttons will become available. An Edit button is also available for .htm webpages created within SOLE. 
    • Rename - rename the file or folder within the File Manager. 
    • Delete - delete the file or folder. Any files located within the folder will also be deleted. 
    • Copy - used to copy a file or folder to another location within the File Manager or to another course in which you are also an administrator. Once the copy button is clicked a list of all folders within the current course and all other courses is displayed. Click on a course to locate folders within it's File Manager. Choose the correct course/folder and click the Copy button to copy the file to that folder.
    • Move - the move buttons works in the same way as the Copy button except that the file or folder is moved from one location to another. Again, this can be done within the current course or from one course to another. 
    • Download - downloads the file to your computer so that it can be saved locally. This is only available on files. Entire folders cannot be downloaded. 
    • Zip - use this to Zip a large file within the File Manager. If a file is already zipped then the option to Unzip will be available instead.
    • Edit - only available on .htm webpages created within SOLE and allows you to edit the webpage.