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Adding Files

  1. Begin by entering into the course/site whose content you wish to manage.
  2. You can access the File Manager by clicking the folder icon File Manager Icon located near the bottom of the left navigation. 
  3. The File Manager will display the files that may have already been uploaded to the course/site and can then be used to add more files and organize files.

    To move files you must be listed as a course administrator.

  4. Click the Add button to add content to the File Manager:
    • A window will appear giving you the option to click Upload Files which allows you to access the content’s location on your computer and upload a file.
      There is a 500 MB maximum file size limit when uploading to the File Manager.
      • You can also drag and drop content (single or multiple files or folders) into the dialog box from an open folder.
      • Click to "Allow overwrite of existing files or folders" if you are replacing files or folders. The file name must match exactly to replace a file.
      • Click "Automatically unzip any zipped files uploaded" if you are uploading zipped files that you do not want to manually unzip later.
    • Choose "Create a new file" to create an .htm webpage that can be linked to Content and edited within SOLE.
    • Choose "Create a new folder" in order to to organize the File Manager.
  5. Click here for more detailed information on uploading files into SOLE.