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Creating a Checklist

Begin by making sure that the Checklist tab is selected. An optional Checklist Description, which will display above the checklist on the homepage, can be entered using the text box.

Click the “Add a new Requirement” button to begin adding requirements to the Checklist. Use the drop down menu to choose the Type of dependency for the requirement.

  1. If a SOLE tool is chosen, then a second drop down menu allows a specific content item to be chosen within that tool that will need to be submitted by the user in order to fulfill the requirement. If a tool is chosen that does not contain any items, a message will display stating that “No objects of this type have been created.”
    • Assignments, Surveys, Forms, Journals – users who have submitted to this object will fulfill this requirement.
    • Chat and Discussions – the number of posts can be set by the course administrator so that users who have posted to a chat or discussion the specified number of times will fulfill this requirement.
    • Gradebook – the instructor can choose from all content linked to the Gradebook. The score (based on points) can then be specified. For example, the requirement is fulfilled once a user scores an 18 out of 20 points on a Gradebook assignment. 
  2. If “View Specified Content” is chosen, then a second drop down menu allows a specific content item to be chosen that must be viewed by the user in order to fulfill the requirement. This also includes Course Information tools such as the Schedule and Syllabus in addition to content created within other tools.
  3. If “View Specified # of content in Folder” is chosen, then a second drop down menu allows a folder within Course Content to be chosen. Then the number of pieces of content within that folder that must be viewed by the user in order to fulfill the requirement can be entered. Type this number info the text box provided; the total number of objects available is listed in gray on the right of the text box.
  4. If "View all content in folder" is chosen, then the user must click to view all content items within a folder to fulfill the requirement. This is useful when additional items are later added to a folder. 
  5. The "Submit number of specified forms in folder" option can be used when there may be more than one form within a course or site but the users are not required to submit to them all. This way, different types of users can submit their specified form within a folder and can fulfill this requirement. 

Once the first requirement is set, additional requirements can be added by clicking the green button again. There are three buttons on the left of each requirement:

  1. Click and drag the 6-dotted icon to adjust the order of the requirements.
  2. The pencil icon can be used to edit a requirement.
  3. The trashcan button can be used to delete a requirement.
  4. An entire Checklist can be deleted within the Control Panel by using the Content Cleanup Wizard.

DO NOT FORGET to click the green Save button once all requirements have been created. If the Save button is not clicked, then the edits to the Checklist may be lost.

Return to the Homepage Setup tab anytime to edit or add more to the Checklist.

Viewing Checklist Statistics

Once a Checklist has been created the course administrator may view the Checklist’s statistics within the course Gradebook Reports. The Checklist Report will list the users within the course and the number of items on the Checklist that each user has completed. Admins can click on this number to view which items each student has completed as well.