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SOLE Spotlight | YouTube Presentations in a Discussion Post | April 2022

Published Thursday, April 14, 2022

To keep students engaged, especially in online courses, it is a good idea to diversify course content and assessments. Using a Discussion Post in SOLE to allow students to submit a presentation for their peers to review and discuss along with the administrator is one way to promote engagement.

PowerPoint to Record a Presentation:

- Microsoft Office products are free for current WVU students and PowerPoint is a great resource for recording and producing videos.

- Students would first record the slide show the slide show with narration and then save the presentation as an MP4 video.

Uploading to YouTube:

- The WVU student email system, referred to as MIX or MIX Gmail, is integrated with Google Mail and these accounts include a YouTube account.

- Therefore, students will be able to upload an MP4 of their presentation to YouTube in order to share within the Discussion Board in SOLE.

- Uploading their presentation as "Unlisted", within the video's privacy options, will provide a shareable video link without posting the video to their channel or allowing the video to show up in search.

Submit to SOLE as a Discussion:

- First, the course administrator will create a Discussion Post with specific instructions on how the students should submit their presentations.

- Within the discussion post, students will click the REPLY button, then select the YouTube button to paste their embed code from their YouTube video. The embed link is located within the Share button on their YouTube presentation.

- From here students can reply to each other's presentations and the administrator can grade the discussion accordingly within the Gradebook Environment in SOLE.


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