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SOLE Spotlight | Live Polling | March 2022

Published Thursday, March 3, 2022

Live Polling is a tool used to check comprehension, enhance engagement and facilitate learning during class. Live polling requires no clickers and can be utilized from the student's phone or laptop to engage in poll questions. Live polling provides real-time results that can be released by the instructor, as well as the ability to grade polls for correct answers and participation.

Launching a Live Poll

To launch a Live Poll from within SOLE, release the created poll. Click the "Ask Questions" button to begin the live poll. This will display questions in the poll as well as list the total number of questions, the number of asked questions, and the number of ended questions. It is suggested to prompt students to be logged into SOLE on their personal device before releasing the poll. You should set an adequate time limit for students to access the question. One minute/60 seconds is suggested minimum for larger class sizes.

Launching a Live Poll in PowerPoint

You can utilize a link to launch and release a live poll directly from your PowerPoint presentation. This should be done in advance of your presentation and your poll should be in the released state. By clicking the link, the poll question will automatically release to students. If students are not able to see the link notification in the right corner of their screen, instruct students to go directly into the Live Polling tool within SOLE.

If the majority of students within the course are not able to answer the questions within the allotted time, you can re-ask questions by selecting "Ask Again" on the questions page. If you ask the question again, students that have not yet answered the question will be able to do so at that point. This will not delete submitted results.

Computers located in Health Sciences classrooms have Internet Explorer (IE) as the default browser. When releasing a question from a PowerPoint presentation, if you are signed into SOLE through Chrome or another browser, you will be prompted to sign into SOLE through IE. To avoid this issue, use IE when releasing a poll from a link in your PowerPoint presentation.


For further guidance on how to use the Live Polling tool in SOLE, please view the SOLE YouTube video on Live Polling for more details and demonstrations.

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