SOLE Spotlight | Exporting Questions and Copying Exams | September 2023

Published Thursday, September 7, 2023

SOLE Spotlight: Exporting Questions and Copying Exams

SOLE Exams allows administrators to export, import and copy questions and exams.

Exporting All Questions

All questions within a Question Bank can be exported in plain text format by clicking the Export All button. This automatically downloads through your browser which you can then open and save to your computer.

Exporting Selected Exam Questions

The Export Selected Only button can be used to choose questions to export. By default, all questions will be exported. Questions can be narrowed down by using filters by question type, categories, tags, and/or exams within the course.

If you exclude a question type, category, or tag these will also be excluded from the specific exam choice filter, or any other filter that is selected.

Copying Exams

Once questions have been added to an exam, the Copy Exam button may be used to create an exact copy of the exam within the same course. This includes all exam settings and questions added to the exam. This is useful to edit an existing exam without removing the current submission data.

Exams can also be copied from one course to another. Access the exam you would like to copy and click the Export Exam button. This will download an .ebk file that can be imported into another course. To import the exam, access Exams within a course and click the import Exam button. You will be prompted to select the appropriate .ebk file to import. Creating this copy will add these questions to the Question Bank.


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