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SOLE Spotlight | Exam Scoring and Analysis | March 2021

Published Thursday, March 4, 2021

SOLE Spotlight: Exam Scoring and Analysis

With MidCheck Grades due on March 12th, this month's Spotlight lists selections and/or button options you can use to score and analyze exams once your students have completed them in SOLE.

Adjust Question Scoring:

Once an exam is closed the Adjust Question Scoring button can be used to adjust points earned on an exam question for all student exam submissions.

- Use the green button below a question to mark it correct for all students and the red button to ignore the question for all students.

- For Multiple Choice and True or False type questions, click the green plus sign next to an incorrect answer to count it as correct for those students that selected it or the red minus sign subtract points.

- For fill-in-the-blank questions, additional user answers will be listed below the question. Clicking the green plus sign next to an answer will award points to these users or the minus sign can be clicked to remove points.

Exam Reports:

The Exam Reports button can be used to view statistical data about student exam submissions.

- Exam Statistics included within Exam Reports are the number of finished exams, number of exams in progress, and number of unstarted exams. Scoring Information such as high, average, and low scores for the exam, the mean and median points earned, and standard deviation are also included.

- Individual student exam scores can be manually adjusted from within the Graded Tab. To adjust scoring, click the override button and a text box will appear in which to enter the points or partial points you wish to award for that question and student.

- The Ungraded tab can be used to grade Essay questions, by either one student at a time or one essay question at a time.


For more step-by-step instructions and details on these tools, please watch our Exam Scoring and Analysis YouTube video.

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