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SOLE Spotlight | Active Learning and HSC Classroom Technology | February 2021

Published Thursday, February 4, 2021

SOLE Spotlight: Active Learning and HSC Classroom Technology

What is Active Learning? Active learning is any activity where students are "doing" something and interacting in the learning process as opposed to passively thinking about the information. Learning activities can be as simple as discussing a topic or as complex as group collaborations and problem solving.

HSC Classroom Technology

HSC faculty can utilize technology-rich classrooms to enhance student learning and engagement by using the following technologies and applications:

- Solstice enables group collaboration, enriching lesson content, and facilitates team enabled learning.

- Doceri is a professional iPad interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with tools for hand-drawn graphics and built-in remote desktop control.

- Ladibug document cameras can be used to project writing materials, notes, annotation, handouts, graphic depictions, or content that enhances student discussion and comprehension.

- Webcasting through MDTV allows for students and offsite participants to watch a class or event live as it is happening.

- Webinars through MDTV allows students and participants to register ahead of time and can be tracked for credit. This view only resource allows live chatting for questions and is a great option for synchronous distance learning and Continuing Education Credits.

- Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Zoom are great solution for conducting synchronous sessions for remote/online students.

- Panopto allows for traditional lecture capture in HSC classrooms and on local computers. These recordings can assist in flipping your classroom and providing review opportunities in rich, high definition video.

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