SOLE History

History of SOLE

  • SOLE 1.0 Fall, 1999 – 2 courses
  • One major update per year since 
  • SOLE 10.16 – 1400+ active courses/sites and 31 applications such as Forensic Drug Information, Drug Information Center, HSC Directory, Community Service
  • SOLE 11, launched in 2016, brought a new design and exciting enhancements to the user experience!

SOLE Stats

  • Over 14,000+ Active SOLE Accounts.
  • This year, faculty and staff have created more than 35,000 new course content items and students had viewed over 30 million content pages.
  • There have been 65,000 exam submissions this year – that is over 4,500,000 exam questions answered.
  • We receive feedback from students and faculty face-to-face, and through surveys and online enhancement requests. We use this feedbackto decide what comes next in SOLE. Your feedback directly results in changes and progress.
  • Over the past year we transparently released hundreds of features and fixes. Aside from the major summer update that introduces very visible changes, we have releases 70 versions so far this year, and 136 last year – that is a SOLE update every other work day. This may be adjustments to how a tool works, a minor feature, or a bug fix.
  • Our support team manually verifies each fix on a test version of SOLE and nearly 1200 automated tests run each day.