SOLE Features

SOLE Portal

  • Organized interface featuring courses & sites, calendar, learning resources and links, classified ads, and campus resources.
  • The homepage includes customizable themes and color schemes.
  • Automatic authentication to secure sites and internal database/resources.
  • One-click authentication to other secure sites needing an additional username and password.
  • Recording and tracking of community service hours/donations.

Course Content

An object driven Tool in a hierarchical navigation structure. A variety of Content Objects can be placed into Course Content.

  • Folders, pages, files, and links can be posted in the content area. Assessment and Communication Tools can also be linked as Course Content, including Assignments, Exams, Surveys, Chat, SignUp List, etc.
  • “SOLE Today” homepage setup provides a course overview, summarizing recent changes made within the course.
  • Various types of file formats supported: Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Panopto, etc.
  • Online trouble ticket system makes it easy to get technical assistance.

Course Information

Includes course announcements, a calendar of course-related events, instructor-assigned course schedule and syllabus, photo roster of site participants, and required and optional textbooks. Course Information tools provide logistical types of information for the course and generally do not hold content information. 

Communication Tools

Built-in communication and interactivity tools that support active learning strategies

  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication tools facilitate student collaboration and the sense of community in the e-learning environment.
  • Integration with Blackboard Collaborate which provides a comprehensive online learning and collaboration platform designed specifically for education.

Assessment Tools

Provides a variety of tools to aid in gathering data about learner performance and understanding

  • Online Exam creation and delivery featuring detailed question bank organization options, an optional secure LockDown Exam browser, and an interactive student exam environment.
  • Gradable Content Objects, Assignments and Exams can be automatically posted in the Gradebook; a powerful tool for tracking students’ grade information throughout the SOLE course.
  • Survey module that includes robust filtering and reporting options.