Managing Media

Adding Media

  1. Begin by accessing Media from within Communication and clicking the  Add Media icon.
  2. Add a Media Title (*Required)
  3. Click the green Browse button to select the audio or video file from within the File Manager or to upload and then select the file (*Required). These files must be either an MP3 (audio) or MP4 (audio & video) file in order to play within SOLE.
  4. All other settings are optional. Keep in mind that the more settings that are added to a Content Object, the better the course experience is for the student.
    • There are additional settings in the General tab to provide a Description of the Media and set Calendar Settings. Setting Calendar settings will allow the Media to be searched by date and will add it to the course calendar.
    • The Availability tab allows you to define the publish status and the release & expiration dates of the Media.
    • You may also utilize Access Controls to limit who within the course can view the Media and set up a Dependent Release for the media.
    • Use the Discussion tab to create and link an ungradable discussion room for the Media.
  5. Click Add Media once you have chosen all settings.

Editing Media

  1. Navigate to your Media.
  2. Click the Edit icon on the top right of the Main Content Area.
    • You can also click the Access Reports icon to review which users have accessed the Media.
    • Also, selecting Activity Log from the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) will allow you to review what kinds of edits have been made to the Media; this includes the type of actions made, who made them, and when they were made.
  3. From here you can change any of the the required and optional settings.
  4. Click the Update Media button once you have made all of your changes.

Deleting Media

  1. Navigate to your Media.
  2. Click the Delete icon on the top right of the Main Content Area.
  3. A warning dialog box will open and ask you "Are you are sure you want to delete?".
  4. Click OK.