SOLE Media

Media is a collection of pre-recorded audio or video files that can be played within SOLE.

To access the Media tool begin by clicking Communication from the Left Navigation then clicking Media.

Instructional Uses for Media

  1. Post lectures for students who are auditory learners, those who miss class, or those who wish to review.
  2. Feature guest speakers/experts in the field from remote locations.
  3. Provide introductory sessions or orientation Media files to save valuable class time.
  4. Address different learning styles and facilitate self-paced learning (ex. remediation of slower learners, extra content for advanced and or highly motivated learners, or help students with reading and/or other learning disabilities).
  5. Consider uses for multi-lingual education or medical terminology (vocabulary pronunciation, etc).
  6. Provide exam review to ease student stress.
  7. Weekly “personal touch” message from instructors of distance learning courses.