Searching Content

Search Content from the SOLE portal page by typing in a key word into the Search box available in the SOLE bar. Search will dynamically pull results from courses, sites, and specific content, based on your parameters.

Search from the SOLE Portal Homepage

  1. Click on the Search icon in the SOLE Bar to open Search.
  2. Type in your search query and a list of results will be populated.
    • Content within hidden courses and sites will not be searched.
  3. Use the left navigation to show results from just courses and sites or from documents only.
  4. Click on a search result to view the course/site or document.
  5. A list of Recent Searches (assuming you've searched before) will be listed on the right side of the screen for quick access.
  6. Click the red X in the top right to exit Search and return to the SOLE Homepage.

Filtering Search Results

  1. To create an advanced search, click the Filter Search Results button.
  2. Advanced Search gives you the following options for narrowing your search:
    • Sites: Choose which sites you want to include in your search.
    • Tools: Select which Tools you want to search.
    • Categories: Select which categories you want to include in your search.
    • Tags: Select which tags you want to include in your search.
    • Course Learning Objective Codes: Search for specific learning objective codes attached to learning objectives to locate them within certain courses and sites.
    • Course Learning Objectives: Search for specific learning objectives to locate them within certain courses and sites.
    • Include All Dates: Uncheck this option if you want to search within a specific time period. When this option is unchecked, a Start Date and End Date field will become available.
  3. Click the green Search button once you have made all selections. A list of results will be displayed.
    • Download Results: This option becomes available once a Search is been completed. Check this box if you would like to save your results as an Excel file.

Search From Within A Course

Once you have entered into a course or site, you can click the search icon to search for documents within that course or site. Filtering options are not available from within a course/site.

Search results are weighed by number of times the search term appears in the document name or description. Tags are given more weight in search results. Course and Site administrators who wish for their content to display at or near the top of search results are strongly encouraged to use tags.