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Panopto Updates

Published Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Panopto Cloud Downtime

On Saturday, 6/26, Panopto will upgrade Cloud customers to the latest cloud release. This upgrade will require downtime. Downtime will be announced soon.


Mandatory Client Upgrade

On Friday, 7/16, we will require Panopto for Windows & Remote Recorders to be upgraded to version 9.0.2 or above and Panopto for Mac to version 10.1.0 or above. The upgrade will be applied to your Panopto site at 8:00 pm EDT/5:00 pm PDT.

For more information on the mandatory upgrade, see this article on the Panopto support site.

HSC classrooms will also have the mandatory update applied.

Please contact HSC ITS SOLE Support if you have any questions.

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