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SOLE Collaborate

Not all SOLE installations will include Blackboard Collaborate.

Combining the capabilities of industry leaders Wimba and Elluminate, Blackboard Collaborate provides a comprehensive online learning and collaboration platform designed specifically for education. It is helping thousands of higher education, K-12, professional, corporate, and government organizations worldwide deliver a more effective learning experience through online, blended, and mobile learning. And it will help you open up all-new aspects of real time, or anytime, learning to engage more students and improve outcomes.

Now you can organize, script, and package your content and activities before your live web conferencing session with Blackboard Collaborate Plan. Automate the routine tasks of running your real-time session, so you can focus on facilitating real-time interaction. Files created with Plan V2.1.1 are optimized for use with Blackboard Collaborate 11 web conferencing or Elluminate Live! V9.5 and higher.

Blackboard Collaborate - Moderator's Guide

Blackboard Collaborate Support Webpage

Download Blackboard Collaborate Plan

How to insert Blackboard Collaborate into your SOLE Course

In order to utilize Blackboard Collaborate, you must have the tool activated under the Control Panel's Tools tab.

  1. Click Communication from the Left Navigation.
  2. Select Collaborate from the Left Navigation or the Main Content Area.

If you would like your Collaborate session to appear in sequence with Content, you may want to create it as a Content Object.

  1. Click the Create Session button.
  2. Begin with adding a name, date, and time for the Collaborate session.
  3. The Options tab and Content tab allow you to assign roles, session attributes, teleconferencing options, and assign content.
  4. Click Create Session once you have selected all settings.
  5. Click the Sessions tab to view a list of your created sessions.