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Weighting Ungrouped Gradebooks

  1. Click the yellow settings icon from within the Gradebook to modify the Gradebook settings.
  2. Click to edit the Gradebook Calculations.
  3. Choose “Weighted Assignments”
  4. A list of the assignments in the Gradebook will be displayed along with the option to enter a weight percentage for each assignment.
  5. Weight percentages can be manually adjusted by clicking and typing within the Weight (%) field. It does not matter how the weights are distributed; it is only important that the total percentage be equal to 100%.

    The Weight (%) field will be highlighted in red until all assignments are given a percentage and the total percentage is equal to 100%. Once these two criteria are met, the Weight (%) field will be highlighted in green and the green save button will become available.

  6. Click the “Weight Assignment evenly” check box if you would like all assignments to be given an equal percentage within the Gradebook.

    Only non-extra credit assignments and those assignments used in calculations will be evenly weighted.

  7. Assignments weighted evenly using this feature will weight according to the process depicted above.